Friday, December 25, 2009

December Doings

It looks like I'm only posting once a month here! I've been making cards and having fun while weathering the day to day challenge of working with Middle Schoolers.
Christmas Eve was great fun with my friends and their families and in one case pet. Several of us took off at 10 AM in the sunshine to hike up the hills of Ventura. I have never hiked to two trees and it was wonderful to experience this with such a great group of people. Once to the top, we could see the islands.
You can see Anacapa Island if you look carefully.

The gang at two trees. Check the Facebook pic for all the names.
Christmas Eve night was exciting as well. I dropped off Swing for Jack and was invited to dinner with the Lewis-Abriols. I had a great dinner of homemade minestrone with foccacia bread followed by homemade Snickerdoodles fresh out of the oven for dessert. Played with Jake until 9PM and then headed home.

Christmas day was full of fun with my friends and family. Breakfast at the Linders began the day. I even had a gift from Santa, how he knew I'd be there, I'll never know. I surprised some friends before heading home and making a few Christmas greeting calls. Steve treated me to Sherlock Holmes and popcorn at the Century 16. After welcoming Bob home from the islands we were surprised with a plate of homemade cookies from the Lewis-Abriols. What a wonderful day in my wonderful life!

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