Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 - 13 Goals

1)  Learn to use Twitter.  Presently I'm pretty clueless about how it works and haven't spent much time trying to figure it out.

2) Post on my blog at a minimum of once each month.  It doesn't matter if it is bird, craft, or education, just do it!

3) Use the three act math lessons from Dan Meyer.  I like them, I am just having trouble figuring out how to grab interest for everything I teach.

4) Create a GLAD Unit about the brain.  My students need to know how their brain works.

5) Create and maintain a CFG group at work.  Now that I'm official, I've got to get this off the ground.

6) Make time to be with friends and family.  Game night, book groups, family gatherings are all things I manage to be "too tired" for once the school year gets going.

7) Go birding once a month.  It's in writing now, let's see what happens.  I go so much in the summer and STOP when school starts.

8) Work out at least 20 minutes a day four times a week.  Hour long sessions at the gym don't count.  This isn't an averaging goal.  This is a "do it more than you are right now" goal!

9) No blogging, web-surfing, or online gaming after 10 PM.  Since I need more sleep than the average teacher, this has got to stop.  I get totally distracted by Facebook updates, Scrabble with someone in Pakistan, or the various blogs I would like to read more often and end up in bed later than I had planned.

10) Talk less in class.  Develop lessons where the students are talking and I'm walking around listening.  This means no repeating what students have just said.

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