Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last minute thoughts...

Posters are up, projector is connected, paper is in place and I'm ready to hit the ground running with some simple algebra for my 6th graders on the first day.  I've always spent a few periods setting up guidelines and expectations, but I'm debating with myself about that this year.  I think it might be better to get to work and address facilitation issues as they arise.

I'm also debating on how I want the warm-ups to work.  I pulled out my AIMS books and copied a few What's Next pages and am thinking that this will be the Monday and Tuesday warm up. Or the Monday Warm Up/Homework.  If students talk to their parents, siblings, and friends about solving the problems, at least they are having a discussion about patterns that may rub off in the classroom.  It's all about learning.

I still need to talk to my colleagues about how they feel about intermittent math homework.  I want to avoid assigning homework on those days where I feel I didn't finish the lesson, or the students didn't understand the concept enough to work on it independently.  I can always assign mangahigh.


  1. Yeah for What's Next patterns!! It's panic mode for me, totally. Where did summer go? I need another 2 months to get ready. I've heard of mangahigh but have to check it out. Have a great start to the new year, Michelle!

    1. Thanks Fawn. I feel I could use a couple more months to prepare as well!